Phuket – things to do

“Our recommendations….”

Sunday market – Old Phuket Town
This  market is not yet well known by the tourists situated in Phuket town it’s mainly frequented by the locals rather than tourists. The walking street is about 500 meters long full of activity’s including entertainers, dancers, singers, painters, clowns to mention a few, some of them are there every week some are visitors.

They are many stalls along the side of the road selling art, clothes, bags, hats, plants, antiques and much much more. Here you will find something worth buying…The foods stall along the street are filled with the best local Thai food you can wish for, the food alone makes it worth the travel in to Phuket town.

The market starts late afternoon around 4pm, it’s get busy around 6:30pm and continues until about 10pm. As the day turns to night the street comes alive, its very colorful with music filling the street. It’s a pleasant place to visit on a Sunday evening.
Come join the local crowds where everything is cheap.

Weekend market – Naka Market
Open every Saturday and Sunday from mid–afternoon until 10pm here you find a variety of inexpensive souvenirs, clothes, shoes, spa products, crafted soaps and candles, plus the not so touristy items as cute puppies and kittens! You will always find something that you did not know you needed …….Here  there is a huge selection of the local foods, one of the best places in Phuket to try all kind of food, it’s a true food paradise!

Local markets
Markets are found throughout Phuket, they are on every main beach road, and in  most of the villiages.
These shopping areas offer a variety of souvenirs and locally produced products. There are also a number of shops offering copies of designer tee shirts, bags, watches, jewellery and of course you will find DVD, music and game copies. It is usual to be escorted into a back or “hidden” room to view the full range of products.
Be aware: Buying  fake or copy goods in Thailand is illegal.

Shopping in Phuket 
For those who wish to find different shops that offer products not found along the main beach roads, then you have to explore the hidden back streets of Phuket Town. Here you can find antique stores, book shops, silk shops, art galleries and more.

Jungceylon (Patong) and Central Festival (Phuket town on the way to the airport) both complexes have a large western supermarket, a department store and a selection of international well known shops and boutiques. As well as many fast food outlets, Western and Asian restaurants and of course Starbucks! You could be in any shopping mall anywhere in the world once you walk through the front doors.

Design your own clothes
To design your own day-to-day clothes is well worth it. You can design your own clothes for the same price as the clothes would cost at H&M, Zara, etc., you can design according to your own preference.
Whether that’s a copy of your favorite shorts, an evening dress, a shirt or a jacket, it can all be made as you would like.

We have had a lot of experience over a long time with Amorn & Renu our local tailors and can highly recommend them. They have free transfer to their shop in Kata Noi (return) where you are not obligated to buy anything. To design and create your own clothes is enjoyable and makes you feel very special.

Big Buddha
Phuket’s Big Buddha is covered in marble, 45 meters high and sits over 400 m above sea level on a hilltop with a beautiful 360-degree view of Phuket Town, Kata & Karon beaches, the harbor of Chalong Bay and Phuket south islands. On a clear day the island of Phi Phi can be seen in the horizon.

Funds to build the massive structure come entirely from donations. “This project is huge and requires a lot of donations”, and the work has be going on for years and still going on. If you wish to donate you can do so by paying for a marble slab which the put your name on and will be used on the Buddha, this is considered as good luck for all Thai’s.

To get to the of Big Buddha You walk through a temple area where there are many photo’s on displays showing the building work over the years .
Avoid wearing beachwear, shorts, skirts and T-shirts with offensive texts or images. If you are dressed in a inappropriately way for a religious site they will offer you a sarong to cover up with at the entrance.

On the way to Big Buddha you will find many small local restaurants near the top of the hill with beautiful views over the Andaman sea, a perfect place to be for the sunset, or to have a nice local meal overlooking the stunning views of Karon beach.

Soi dog
If you are like us, animal lovers and have seen all the street dogs in Phuket, there is a rescue center called Soi dog they care for thousands of dogs every year. You can help Phuket’s street dogs by way of sponsorship this enable Soi dog to keep operating and taking care of the animals.

The most effective way you can make a difference in the lives of those dogs is by sponsoring one. You will eliminate one or more of the animals pain and suffering through a monthly sponsorship. You can make a direct, personal and positive impact by sponsoring a dog today. Soi dog welcome you to come and visit them and all the dogs and cats when you are in Phuket.

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Soi Dog – Became a flight volunteer
Rescued dogs and cats need YOU to fly with them from Thailand to their adopters in their new country!
Its easy, smooth and generate a great feeling!

This is the only way the animals can be adopted and travel to their adopters overseas, as passengers extra baggage.
Soi dog will take care of everything for you, a representative from Soi dog bring the animal to the airport to meet you there prior to your flight, they do everything to do with the check in of the dog or the cat for you.

Upon arriving at your destination you will meet the adopter and they will take over “your dog”. There is no work or expenses on your part. Imaging the satisfaction you will feel when you see the animal first meeting it’s new family and from there on be a pet instead of a street dog.
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Rescue the Gibbons
There are numerous gibbons being used as tourist attractions in Phuket. By paying to have your photo taken with a gibbon you are helping these people to reduce the numbers of wild gibbons and cause suffering to this beautiful animal. Remember, each cute baby gibbon you see at a market or beach has had it’s mother shot dead by poachers.

“In Thailand we lose 3,000 gibbons a year to hunters on average, the hunter kills the whole family to get one live baby. The older gibbons are killed while trying to protect their babies, while some babies fall from high trees and die.

Both The Rehabilitation Site and The Center for Conservation Education and Fund–Raising are located in Khao Pra Theaw Non–Hunting Area at the Bang Pae Waterfall. You are welcome to visit the center and see some of the gibbons from the viewing platform. It is also possible to adopt a gibbon, and for more information on this please ask at the Center

Awesome job done by this organizations to helping rehabilitate Gibbons back into the wild. The site is informative and interesting with beautiful surroundings. After visiting the gibbons, walk up to the waterfall that is near by FREE Entrance.      Contact: