Phuket Snorkelling Tours
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Adult: 3 500 thb – Child: 1 750 thb – Infant: Free of charge


Snorkelling is one of the main water-based activities Phuket has to offer, due to its beautiful calm waters and stunning scenery. Joining our Phuket Snorkelling Tours is the best way to experience this. The Andaman Sea is very clear and warm to swim in, even when you are out in the deeper parts. Snorkelling is an enjoyable experience as it’s relaxing and fun, and a memorable one too as you get to see lots of unusual and exotic life just under the surface of the ocean.

Everyone Can Snorkel

Snorkelling is an activity that can be enjoyed by all the family, there are plenty of funny looking fish to be seen right at the water’s edge. Nearly everyone can join in and it’s also quite educational. There is nothing more exciting than swimming in the ocean and coming face to face with fish that look just like Nemo, no matter how old you are! Tropical coral colours are a playground for the fish as they dart under and around you and mysterious creatures can be glimpsed hiding away in the rocks.   

It’s not expensive to snorkel, all you really need is a mask & snorkel. We supply everything you need on board MV Champagne so you don’t need to buy anything. If you’ve never done it before then it can take a little practice, we are there to help you, to get used to wearing the equipment but you soon get the hang of it, and it’s well worth the effort!

The feeling once you are submerged is amazing, even though the surface is just inches away it feels like you are in a totally different world as the noises of the outside world fade away. Phuket has some great beaches where the snorkelling is good, but you should join our Phuket Snorkelling Tours because not too far away are some stunning islands where the coral and marine life are much more vibrant and interesting.

No Training Needed

Nearly everyone can snorkel, even if they can’t swim – La Moet provide lifejackets for everyone!  There’s no training required or certificates to gain. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit, as long as you like and enjoy the sea the you can master the art of snorkelling, it’s very easy. Once you have the mask and snorkel on then you basically just bob along the surface.

What to Bring

All you need to bring on board is your swimwear and sunscreen! You might want to wear a t-shirt as the sun is strong and it’s easy to get sunburnt in the water, and not something we would want our guests to suffer.

At La Moet we organize tours and private cruises to where the water is clear and warm, and the underwater views remarkable. Our boat trips include sailing around the coast where you get to experience all the best spots. We sometimes sail past some of the smaller islands, including Coral Island, Ko Bon, Racha Yai and even Phi Phi  Island. The waters are exceptionally clear and the reefs are in really good condition.

We guarantee high safety standards and know all the best places to go. We stay away from the crowds and head towards the peace and quiet where you have the underwater world to yourself.

There are plenty of tour companies in Phuket but be careful who you take a tour with. It’s possible you’ll end up on a crowded boat that takes you to sites that may well be good for snorkelling, but are also packed with other boat tours, and that’s not much fun. It’s worth paying a bit extra to experience snorkelling in quiet locations with staff that know something about the marine life, are fully trained and aware of all the safety regulations.