Phang Nga Charter
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“A breathtaking day in one of the world most beautiful archipelago”

Experience the wonders of Phang Nga bay with your friends and family. Our day will be spent in a spectacular all inspiring environment, cruising amongst the incredible rock formations in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelago. Phang Nga bay is a unique tropical paradise, the soaring limestone cliffs and sheltered lagoons wrapped in rain forest make this archipelago something not to be missed.

You spend your day in the most beautiful parts of Phang Nga bay, between our stops for swimming, exploring caves and lagoon you will find the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company while cruising through this amazing part of the world. We guarantee you will return from your journey totally relaxed, filled with great memories and a camera full perfect pictures. This tour is good for your soul

Phang nga bay information:
Phang Nga is a bay consisting of 42 islands, a national park since 1981, where many interesting rock formations can be seen, the bay is famous for its amazing views of literally hundreds of vertical limestone cliffs rising from the sea, some of them reaching up to 300 meters, with caves leading in to stunning lagoons. Many of the rock formations have beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that been created over thousands of years.

The scenery in Phang Nga bay is absolute breathtaking. this is one of the “must do” when in Phuket.

Departure 10am – 5pm transfer to hotel