La Moet – Our History

“All your dreams can become true if you have the courage to fulfill them.” – Walt Disney

The year of 2005 after the tsunami was a turbulent time where life was turned totally upside down, I lost my job as many others did it as then I made my best decision of my life, I decided to stay in Phuket .Thailand had already been my home for nearly a decade I could not see me leaving now.

A couple of months after the tsunami had hit, we all started to believe in Phuket’s future again.
I had to think of how to survive and what to do?
How could I use the knowledge and experience I had gained through the years working in the tourism industry.

An idea slowly started to grow in my mind; over time it turned from an idea to a vision.
The dream behind the vision was to create a tour company with personality where the small details are as valuable as the big ones. To cruises on a comfortable boat where the boat is a big part of the day’s experience, to cruise on new routes around Phuket’s archipelago.

At first I wondered why no one cruised along Phuket’s west coast where the guest can enjoy and discover Phuket? There was no cruise like it where the guests could explore Phuket island from it seaside. My plan became more and more clear: Phuket needed a tour to discover the hidden beaches that can only be seen from the sea.

I strongly believed that the guests on board would enjoy swimming and snorkling, as well as taking in the views of the lush green mountains that Phuket’s west coast has to offer. This is how the tour “The Cruise” was created.

Not long after the tour, “The Cruise” was created, I then started thinking and planning other routes and tours, this is where all my knowledge and experience of many years in the tourism industry became useful and valuable. It did not take long before I had tours sorted for every day of the week in my head.

Now that my dream had turned in to a plan I had to work out two small details:
I had no money to start up and we were without a boat.

I managed to find a solution on how to borrow the funds, to create the company that I gave the name “La Moet” to.
In November 2007 we welcomed our guests on our first tour of the season.
During our first 4 years in business  we chartered a boat during the high season Nov – April. I then realized it was time to take the next step to either buy our build our own boat.
A new plan of action …. we need our own boat,  (read “our history” the story of MV Phuket Champagne)

Our company name “La Moet” comes from the world famous Champagne: Moet Chandon, my absolute favorite drink.

Today all that is history, today our guests on board are our focus and concern. To meet guests on board or get feed back by mail, tripAdvisor and other social medias mean a lot to us and is the nicest thing we can receive.

– Lotta

Founder and Managing Director of La Moet. Read more about my colleagues and me at the “crew” link on the right.