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“A floating hotel with flexibility, facilities and service”

Are you looking forward to one of the best holiday together with the ones you care for? Would you like to explore secluded islands with deserted beaches, wake up in a bay with no other boats or people around you instead of in a hotel room, listening to the sounds of the sea and be amazed by your surroundings ? Then a private yacht charter is your answer.

Your own personal yacht charters offers you the variety and flexibility that you will not find with land-based resorts, hotels or villas. Yacht charters are not only for the rich and famous, it’s accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. You will discover islands where you get to meet the local people without any other tourists around.

Onboard your own private charter you have a cook that prepares all your meals as you wish, the crew will happily share their knowledge and experiences, you have your own private well ventilated cabin double/single beds with toilet and shower facilities, a saloon to relax in and large areas outside with sun protection.

We have boats from 2 guests up to 14 guests, routes from 2 days up to 10 days or even more.
To be at sea is a wonderful experience that will always be remembered.

Contact us for more information:   info@lamoet.com