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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the ages group for kids to go for half price, and infants?
Kids is between 4 – 12 years, and “infants” are between 0 – 4 years.

Is the equipment included in the trip?
Mask and snorkel we have on-board, also a whole range of life jackets from infants sizes with a support pillow for the head imported from Sweden, from children’s, all the way up to XXXL.

What should we bring?
We recommend that you travel light, treat it like your are going for a day at the beach –Sun protection as in sun glasses, sun lotion, a hat or a cap, beach towel, camera, a good book or magazine, and of course a good mood! Everything else we will take care of for you.

I have never snorkeled before?
Don’t worry.   We always give a briefing before snorkeling to introduce you to the marine equipment, how to use it, how to move in the water and what to expect.
We are in the water with you to share your experience.

Can non-swimmers come too?
We have non-swimmers as guest on our boat all the time.
We provide life jackets for all guests to make sure you feel confident and happy to explore the underwater marine life that Phuket has to offer.
There are always two life rings floating next to our guest while swimming from the back of our boat for you to feel secure and knowing there is floating device just a arms length away.

If it’s raining?
Then we get wet when we are in the sea, or on the sundeck.
We instead move in to our saloon or relax in one of the cozy gazebo we are well protected from the rain.

What happens if the weather on the day of the trip is bad? 
We watch the weather forecast closely everyday and if the weather is showing heavy storm or huge waves, etc we will cancel or reschedule.
If we cancel, we must stress that the decision to cancel is the Captain’s  and crews call.
In case we cancel due to bad weather or the rescheduled tour is unsuitable for you, and we cannot find another date that suits you, there is no cost to you, you are fully reimburse.

Is sea-sickness a problem?
Sea sickness is very individual, We always mention that we have sea sickness tablets on board for those that need them; the sea is like the weather, very hard to predict and out of our control. We watch the weather forecast closely everyday and if the weather shows wind and waves we try to change our tour to cruise where we are more protected from winds and waves.

It’s our priority that our guest on board feel good to get a great day out with us.

Young children or adult with difficulties?
Our boat MV Champagne is comfortable for everyone, from infants to 99 year young.
Let us know your difficulties and we can together find which is the best cruise for you, taking into consideration, how to enter the boat from the pier etc.

Does everyone have to snorkel on your boat?
This is up to each and everyone, Not everyone wants to snorkel, that’s fine however we all like to have experiences and great memories from our holiday.

Which tour is the best for children?
All of our boat are suitable for children; MV Champagne has lots of shaded area, spaces enough for kids to play and walk around, we have toy’s on board for the little ones.

Depending on the age of your kids, we will together come up with the most suitable tour for you and your family.

We recommend that parents bring a long sleeve t-shirts or rash shirt or sun shirts for children to swim in, this can help protect children’s delicate skin from sun burn while snorkeling , swimming and having fun. Find our reviews at Trip Advisor from some of our many guests that have had a fantastic day out with us.


Please note
We do not provide car seats or booster seats for the minivan ride from your hotel. If you are concerned about your child’s safety, there is an agency who can arrange this equipment for you. http://kids-on-board.com

You can also order online when you are here and they will deliver your baby seat to your hotel if you have youor own car

Does MV Champagne cater for special diets?
We cater for vegetarians and people with allergies all the time.
When you charter MV Champagne we have different menu’s to offer you and your group. Please just let us know when your make your reservation.

How many guests can MV Champagne take?
Our boat takes up to 48 guests although we stop our bookings at 38 to make sure our guest has lots of space and feel comfortable,  most of the time we have less guest than that.
MV Champagne has plenty of space for all guests to lay down, also comfortable seating and room to walk around.

We do not overcrowd our boat, it’s a safety standard and it’s important that you are comfortable and have a great day on board.

Does La Moet have insurance?
La Moet and all guests on-board Phuket Champagne or any other booked boat by La Moet have comprehensive insurance with AIG and the Tourist Authority of Thailand.

If you do not find your answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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