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“The sea is your adventure and our passion!” 

There are several options to experience an adventure on the sea, from being onboard our beloved MV Champagne, or cruising on a comfortable catamaran, a nice sailing boat or feel the speed of a motor yacht or why not try a traditional Junk sailing boat? The sea is a place for relaxing and unwinding. We can help you organize a private charter on a luxury boat of your choice on Phuket. From a day tour, to an overnight cruise or stay out for multiple nights, why not join in on a charter for several days with others guests. Book your luxury boat Phuket…

We can help you with all kinds of private tours, you have the options of private charters whether you are 2 people or a larger group of friends and family, we will find the boat and the route that is suitable for you. Now days, boats are like small floating resorts where you have all the facilities you need. Private room/cabin, own bathroom, hot water, on board chef’s that will freshly prepare all your meals and snacks and your captain will take you the best spots in the area.
Wake up in a protected bay with the sound of the ocean right outside your cabin, open your cabin door to find a pristine beach just a meters away, this is a feeling of freedom and what a real holiday is all about. To relax at sea with your family and friends while cruising around for a day or more is one of the best ways to unwind and leave your “have to’s” behind, the ultimate get away for the perfect holiday.

If you are looking for a high end luxury boat Phuket – don’t miss out it’s well worth looking at. Find more information for options of routes, boats and what to discover on the right side menu. – Spoil yourself by taking a holiday from your holiday